Monday, July 30, 2012

Blaiz is back !

Dear readers, I'm glad to inform you all that Blaiz is back after recovering from that accident and is now as good as new !!
Here are a few pics showing the restoration:

However, the bad times seem to continue for Blaiz as it got a long thin scratch on the right side while garaging it and moreover someone seemed to have bumped into and broke the right side tail light while it was parked in front of Hind Fame multiplex. Therefore, had to make a quick second trip to the Mahindra workshop and got the tail light replaced and the scratch removed. Now the first thing I'm going to do is to take Blaiz to Kalighat temple and get some rituals performed to ensure that it is protected from avoidable accidents by the celestial powers. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blaiz Accident : Truck Collision

Sunday night, Blaiz was rammed by a truck sideways. The accident took place on Kolkata’s VIP Road while dad was returning home from a client’s birthday celebrations. It was almost 11:30 p.m and at such late hours heavy vehicles such as trucks and lorries could be seen everywhere bullying smaller vehicles while being controlled by intoxicated illiterate irresponsible drivers who could easily be considered as the second biggest threat to society after terrorists. Dad was driving on the 3rd lane of the 4-lane wide road when a truck rammed into Blaiz on the right side while trying to overtake another truck at high speed. Thankfully the truck didn’t hit the car from behind otherwise the accident could have had been fatal. We can only thank God that dad didn’t suffer even a single scratch whereas Blaiz got almost torn on the side as the truck’s front wheel and it’s protruding screws drilled into it.

The right side rear fender was the most badly injured and endured most of the collision pressure. The wheel-cap got completely crushed and got stuck in the upper side of the wheel-well.

The gates got pretty badly dented as well. However, I would take an opportunity to applaud Renault Mahindra’s superb build quality and body strength where Blaiz endeavoured much of the pressure without much crumbling whereas any other car would have been ripped apart !
The truck driver got thrashed by some local people followed by the truck and the truck driver being locked at the Lake Town Police Station.

The culprit
Blaiz is currently recovering at the Mahindra workshop and hopefully it will soon roar upon the roads in its full glory. Regular updates of Blaiz’s recovery will be posted here.
Hoping the bad times get over soon.